Wiliam V. Joaquim

Wiliam V. Joaquim

Preventing SQL Injection with Golang

What will we cover? SQL injection is one of the most used techniques to carry out attacks on your system, where we can execute malicious SQL on vulnerable endpoints, making it possible to manipulate your database, although there are already many ways to mitigate this attack, it is still possible to leave this gap if the developer don’t pay attention.

Get control over your SQL with Golang and SQLC

Introduction Dealing with SQL often becomes complicated and tiring, dealing with so many queries, indexing, performance, security, transactions and everything that involves the use of SQL, with this in mind, the use of ORM is increasingly being adopted, aiming to make our lives easier.

Using migrations with Golang

What are migrations? Migrations are widely used to maintain version control of your database structure, it is a very useful solution for keeping your database organized.

The power of the CLI with Golang and Cobra CLI

Today we are going to see all the power that a CLI (Command line interface) can bring to development, a CLI can help us perform tasks more effectively and lightly through commands via terminal, without needing an interface.